About Gillian

Gillian, founder of Life Healing™, is based in the UK and is a metaphysical author, teacher and Louise Hay Specialist Consultant, as well as a management consultant and trainer by profession with a masters degree in international business.

Gillian Bowles MBA

Gillian Bowles MBA

In 1999/2000 she was certified personally by Louise Hay as an Advanced Louise Hay Teacher in San Diego. Gillian has been certified as a Conscious / Transformational Breath Practitioner. She is also a certified Hypnotherapist. Her published books include Cure Fibroids Naturally,  Healing Inside Out and Fibroids – the Unspoken Secrets.  She has also produced a range of CDs including Heal Your Life – Chants & Meditations; Heartfelt – Affirmations to Release the Past and Release and Heal and a full range of Hypnotherapy sessions available as downloads.

Gillian Bowles with Prince Charles

Gillian with H.R.H Prince Charles

Gillian is a highly motivated and caring person,  who, having experienced transformation in her own life including the healing of her own body, now seeks to provide the same opportunity to others.
Her background in business has included working with the Princes Youth Business Trust, setting up a Young Enterprise Centre as well as government research and consultancy contracts. This business background as well as her belief in the philosophies and research underpinning mind/body science means that she brings a refreshingly no-nonsense blend of the spiritual and the practical to her courses. She has also developed courses and workshops for the workplace and a particular course for Carers. As Director of GBC&T LTD she is responsible for providing corporate training including Change Management.

Alongside her keen interest in holistic living and alternative medicine, Gillian is a Reflexologist and has even trained as an Indian Head Masseur!

Gillian’s Life Healing Teacher Training programme is now in its 6th year and there are teachers sharing this work with others around the world. Many of the teachers are also involved with Gillian in running workshops and training courses.  More on Life Healing Teacher Training.

Personal message from Gillian

Gillian Bowles MBa

“My body has healed itself, but that healing could only take place after I had healed emotionally and spiritually. I look back now on my life before I experienced transformation (such a dramatic word, but appropriate) and I know I will never go back to that old way of feeling and being. As a result I now want others to experience that wonderful feeling, that relief and healing. I am very serious about what I do.  When you find something this good you feel compelled to tell others. I continually research and test new methods as they develop so that if there is a better, quicker and more efficient way to help others I will include it in my work.

Will what I do make a difference to you?  If you are really ready for change, serious about wanting to make a real difference and take back control of your life, then yes, it has for many others. It is more about clearing the way for you and then you allowing the process to unfold in its own unique way.  In the past fourteen years I have seen so many people change and turn their lives around I have lost count, I have had the privilege of taking whole families (3 generations) through the process (not on the same workshop of course). The testimonials speak for themselves. I know we all have gifts and wonderful things to share and stories to tell. Your own journey is fascinating and exciting and I hope I get to hear about it”.

With love,