Forgiveness Affirmations

Affirmation of ForgivenessForgiveness Affirmations

“I forgive and I am forgiven”

“I easily forgive all those that need forgiving and I forgive myself”

“Forgiveness is a gift I now give to myself and those around me”

“The past has no power over me”

“Forgiving makes me feel light and free”

“The more resentment I release the more love I have to express”

“As I learn to love myself I find it easier to forgive”

If you are struggling with forgiveness then you are not alone. Whilst affirmations are very useful, most often you need to deal with the anger and hurt first and this is best done under guidance.  Gillian is available for private sessions as well as group workshops to deal with this safely, quickly and effectively.  Contact her if you would like to know more.

We also have some products for use at home:

Letting Go of the Past - Hypnosis download

Heartfelt Affirmations to Release the Past CD – a complete process including anger releasing, affirmations and an affirmation bath.

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