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Life Healing Workshop Leader Training Programme

Life Healing Workshops

How to become a Life Healing Teacher / workshop Leader

Join us  20th – 26th of September 2014 inclusive and become a Life Healer.

This fabulous week starts with the Life Healing Workshop and then continues teaching you how to share the life healing techniques.  Great if you would like to run your own workshops, create a second income stream, add some new effective techniques to your therapy practice or want to take your healing to a whole new level.

This training teaches you how to deliver the life changing techniques and materials for the Life Healing Workshop and aims to make you feel comfortable, safe and confident in presenting to a group. You will be taught by Gillian Bowles MBA, the leading Life Healing teacher in the UK. She is largest provider of ‘Heal Your Life’ and ‘Life Healing’ workshops in the UK and has been for the last 15 years, she also regularly teaches internationally. You also get the chance to work alongside her (subject to space) if you so wish at any time in the future and be involved in development programmes that really make a difference in the world.

If you are already involved in personal development, coaching, alternative health care provision, or in the caring profession then this course provides a natural supplement to your existing activities. However, it is also available to those who have shown an interest by study, practice or activity, in this kind of personal awareness training, and can provide a second income for those in other avenues of work.

The programme includes:

  • The Life Healing Workshop
  • One to One Personal time with Gillian
  • Personal “Stuff” Clutter Clearing – this teacher training programme sees you for the creative individual you are. Because groups are kept small, you will have personal time and attention to really clear your “stuff” if you have any left after the weekend workshop. It is really important that before you go forward to help others “heal their lives” you are healthy, healed and whole yourself. You will walk it and talk it. Many like to do this extra course just for their own personal development and without the thought of running workshops.
  • Personal delivery styles and overcoming fears associated with presenting
  • Understanding the background and techniques used in the workshops and how to deliver them. It is good to know where these techniques have come from, understanding that the philosophies that underpin this work are almost as old as man but that we now have new research and evidence to support them in the modern age.
  • Health and safety, for the workshop leader and their group. You will be taken through this section of the course by a professional Health and Safety Advisor who works in the industry currently.
  • Using and creating your own materials, you may be amazed by just how creative you are, let’s not lose that let’s use it.
  • Logistics, choice of venue, marketing, pricing etc.
  • Ethical Marketing – our philosophy is that there is no competition just rich diversity and variety. However we know that it is important for others to know about the valuable skills and work we have to share and so marketing is very important.
  • so much more

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Becoming an Adult Orphan

Mother Holding Child's HandGrief on a Parents death is always hard but losing the last parent seems to be a slightly different event to the first.  Obviously if you lose both parents as a child you are classed as an “orphan” and treated as such. Everyone can instantly sympathise and understand that this is a traumatic event. However, when you are older and your parents die, it sounds ridiculous to say “I am an orphan”.

Whilst one parent remains alive you are still a child to someone no matter how old you are and whether or not you have become the carer for that parent.  Also you may find that you finally grieve the loss of your first parent, which may not have seemed possible or just may not have happened whilst the other parent was alive.  This is sometimes caused by throwing yourself into taking care or being concerned about how the other parent is coping rather than experiencing your own sense of loss. Read more

3 ways to deal with anger

Safe to Look within - AffirmationAnger is one of those emotions that not only makes the individual experiencing it feel very uncomfortable but those who are witness to it also. When someone gets angry it is generally seen as a lack of control as in he/she is losing it; or bad, dangerous and unpredictable. Problems relating to anger typically arise whenever emotions have been suppressed or misdirected. 
Continue reading

Feeling overwhelmed? 3 ways to deal with it.

Grief UpsetWe all experience challenging times in our lives. Sometimes when bad things happen it can be hard to carry on. There are obvious times when emotional overwhelm can occur like the loss of a loved one, relationship break-up, loss of job or threat of redundancy. These are times when most people can appreciate you may be going through a difficult time. However, there are times when to the outside world things look good, at such times when your inner reality does not match outer appearances the whole situation can seem worse. Continue reading

Manifest Something Good Today

Just for fun why not manifest something good today.  You may be thinking how can I do that?  The truth is you are already manifesting just unaware of it.  One of the most valuable guides to manifesting you can use is your own body and feelings.  Right now if you have any uncomfortable feelings in your body then you are not likely to manifest anything good.  If you can lift your mood and feel good then you will bring more of the same good feeling into your life.  It’s that old what you give out you get back stuff again. Continue reading

Valentines Day and Getting over your EX

Affirmation of Self Love and Acceptance

Getting over your ex

Today is Valentines Day, it is almost impossible not to know that with all the advertising and marketing going on.  It can be fun, it can be annoying, it can be disappointing and particularly upsetting if you have broken up with someone you thought was the one.  So apart from putting on a brave face, telling yourself it will get better and trying not to hope that he or she may suddenly have a change of heart and whisk you away – what can you do?

You can release yourself by releasing them from your sub-conscious.  It really only requires a change in perspective but can reduce any pain dramatically and open the door to a new relationship.  Whilst you carry the pain and sadness of a past relationship you are unavailable to someone who might just rock your world.  It’s like having a closed sign in your shop window.  Hypnosis proves really useful in this respect. So if you want to start feeling better and moving on  Relationships – Letting Go / Getting over your Ex is an audio hypnosis designed to help release past relationships in a quick and effective way now!


Valentines Day Relationship Advices

Valentines Day – Tips to Keep the Flame of Love Burning Bright

With Valentines day fast approaching here are my tips to help keep the flame of love burning bright. I call them the three C’s to represent the three principles underlying this advice. Communication, Consideration and Consolidation – use these on Valentines Day ( or any day)  to fan the flames of love! Continue reading

Blue Monday? For many depression lasts all week,month or year.


Depression, don’t put up with it act now!

The whole concept of Blue Monday was started by a travel company as an ad campaign a while back and now has become “official” covered by the BBC news this year.  For me the sad thing is this kind of attention almost belittles the ongoing problems of depression people feel obviously not just around one day or month of the year. Continue reading