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handstar I have always loved Esther Hicks idea for segment intending as a manifesting tool. It is so simple, as you go through your day break it down into segments. Let’s say you are on your way to work, that is a segment so just affirm as you start out that your journey is safe and swift.  The next segment may be once at work for the morning and you can affirm good relations with everyone and an easy enjoyable morning of efficiency. Lunch time you may affirm a relaxing and refreshing break and so on. Do this whenever your activity changes throughout the day, matching your positive thoughts to the activity you are about to undertake and you will find things really going your way.

As you do this more and more you will be buiding your affirmative muscles and you will find yourself positively affirming for more than just the segments you are in. Keep at it and soon you will notice your relationships, finances etc. have improved with little or no hard work.

Surviving Christmas


it’s that time of year again and I wanted to reconnect with you before it all gets too busy and give you something to assist you on a personal level.

Christmas is the season of goodwill but as we know it is also the time of year when relationships are tested, money worries increase, we can feel very lonely and our health is under pressure.

My gift to you this season is a FREE hypnosis audio download to help you relax, release your concerns and enjoy life. Choose either – Freedom from Worry or No More StressHypnosis download, click add to cart and then enter voucher code free hypnosis at the checkout.

In addition I have drastically reduced the price of all books, CDs and downloads on the site and all with FREE postage in the UK.  I am sorry I cannot send them free overseas for obvious reasons but there is a flat rate of £7 for international postage.

Whilst there are lots of free resources on the website if you need more personal help with any issues or concerns I am running 30 minute telephone or Skype sessions for £20 over this period.  If you wish to book a session then email me with your preferred days and times and I will do my best to fit you in quickly.  Generally evenings are more available and can be arranged with 24 to 48 hours notice.

Remember to love and take care of yourself always.

With love from my heart to yours,

What are You putting up with?

anger1 We tend to get bogged down and overwhelmed by things that accumulate over time – and end up cluttering our minds and leading to blocks in the body and poor health. Now is the time to identify what you’re tolerating!

Let’s identify what you are putting up with?

What to do: make a list of what you’re putting up with at work – and at home – to determine what might be cluttering your mind and slowing you down!

You may not want to do anything about them right now, but just writing them out will raise your awareness and you’ll naturally start handling, fixing and resolving them.

Examples: unfinished tasks, frustrations, problems, other people’s or your own behaviour, clutter, shoulds (if you have done the life healing workshop you will know why these are wrong), unmet needs, crossed boundaries, outdated wardrobe, unresolved issues or guilt, lack of exercise, eating habits, being indecisive, procrastinating, lack of sleep etc…

Over time and as you think of more items, add them to your list and remember to cross of ones that no longer feel relevant or that you have dealt with.


Could you make this your best Summer ever even if your broke?

summerIt’s summer and time to enjoy all those extra hours of daylight.  I particularly love seeing people just strolling along in the evenings, families out and about, diners sitting outside restaurants and even my washing drying so quickly on the line. Is summer a good time for you?

Here’s something to consider.

When you go on holiday you plan it, where to go, what to do, what to pack and so on.  Without that preparation it would not happen.  In the same way with a bit of thought and a little bit of planning you can have a glorious summer even if you are working through it. Knowing what makes you happy is a great start.

Are there 3 things you could do that would make this your best Summer ever?

  • Get your journal/notebook out and allow yourself 5-10 minutes of quiet time to write.
  • Write down 3 things (or more) that would make this your best summer ever.
  • If you get stuck, think back to your childhood or a summer when you had a great time – what were you doing – or not doing?
  • If your life is busy or your feeling broke with not many options right now, find small things you CAN do for you (e.g taking a walk after dinner; a picnic with friends/family or just you loving the outdoors with scrummy food that you love; reading a new book in the shade, listening to music or meditating).
  • Your best summer ever may be about what you DON’T do as well. Maybe you need to say “NO” to something or someone and “YES” to yourself for a change.

A quick way to shift those bad feelings

A Quick Way to Shift Those Bad Feelings

From time to time we get caught unawares by people, situations and events that though not drastic still leave us with an uneasy or bad feeling.  Whilst I generally believe in dealing with root causes of any issues I also realise that sometimes we need quick clearing techniques to get us back into balance and feeling better.

For those times here is a technique to try:

Dr Silvia Hartmann the originator of Emotrance believes we have our physical body with all its functions and movements and we have an energy body within which there are natural channels. When all is well energy flows freely through those channels (in, through, and out). When the energy flow is blocked, we experience painful emotions. The aim of the following technique is to help energy flow again by using our intention.

When you have an emotionally charged issue to work with:

  • Locate where you are feeling the energy (or bad feeling) in your body
  • Tell it to soften and flow
  • Get a sense of where it wants to exit your body (up through the head, down through the legs and feet or any number of ways).
  • Allow it to flow and if you catch yourself trying to force it or getting frustrated by it breathe deeply and let go
  • Repeat until you have gone as far as you can.

For lots more techniques with full instructions and guidance come and join us for the Practically Magic One Day Workshop read more about that here.