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Was I really there, did that really happen?…….

” It was an amazing experience which seems in some ways, like a dream! Was I really there, did that really happen?  It has given me so much food for thought and given me a totally new outlook on life, a new way to live it, the chance to start making things work for me. That is so liberating – I feel filled with more hope and optimism than I have had for a very long time”. Juliet

I came away feeling quite elated………

“the affirmation bath was overwhelming, but left me feeling positive and loved. The anger releasing techniques were actually very helpful and benefited me more than I thought they would. I came away feeling quite elated and confident about myself and my life.  I am enjoying life!”  Charlotte

I enjoyed all aspects of the course………

“I thoroughly enjoyed the two days, the group worked well and i enjoyed all aspects of the course and I am totally happy I came.  I liked the meditations and drawing exercises, ideas about ailments, affirmations, inner child, relationship exercises.  I am putting this into practice.”  Gary

I am 50 and now I look 30……..

 “I can’t thank you enough Gillian. I actually wake up in the mornings looking forward to the day ahead!  I feel great, even my mum said I looked like a thirty year old with a spring in my step. It’s Great! (oh by the way I am 50 next month, I really don’t feel it now). It is amazing how loving yourself can change so many things. My business has grown, I have a better relationship and I have had two applications for jobs accepted. That weekend did transform my life thank you”. Sue

I no longer smoke (having smoked 20-30 per day)………

I have for the first time read some of the things I wrote during the
weekend workshop and realise just how far I have travelled in such a short
space of time……… just a few weeks! compared to the lifetime of
entrenched negative thoughts and feelings that went before.

Rather than running away from affirmation baths I jump in joyously twice
daily. Whereas the mirror work was unbearable I am able to look myself in
the eye and say I love you daily. I no longer smoke (having smoked 20-30 a
day). I feel more independent and self contained, less needy and demanding
of others. Have been going to dance class and expanded my friendships.
Half in jest my children tease me about how I have ‘got a life these
days’. I am tangibly happier to the extent that other people have thought
I must be in love -which is true………… increasingly loving me!  Jacquie

I have done a lot of work on myself but the Course this weekend has turned the corner for me……

Honestly, Gillian, something amazing happened to me yesterday and I’m just in awe at the change that has taken place. I know I deserve it because I have tried so hard for so long but I am, at the same time, very grateful and feel very blessed.  As I have mentioned to you before, I have done a lot of work on myself since 1998  and have been to the Landmark Forum, done a lot of powerful reading and attended the Essentials course at the Psychosynthesis College plus I have had wonderful guidance and support from my daughter who has been on her journey for about 10 years and is now in her Final Year at the Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy College, but it’s the Course this weekend which has turned the corner for me, of that I am certain. With love and much gratitude and heartfelt appreciation“.  Silvia