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Manifest Something Good Today

Just for fun why not manifest something good today.  You may be thinking how can I do that?  The truth is you are already manifesting just unaware of it.  One of the most valuable guides to manifesting you can use is your own body and feelings.  Right now if you have any uncomfortable feelings in your body then you are not likely to manifest anything good.  If you can lift your mood and feel good then you will bring more of the same good feeling into your life.  It’s that old what you give out you get back stuff again. Continue reading

Blue Monday? For many depression lasts all week,month or year.


Depression, don’t put up with it act now!

The whole concept of Blue Monday was started by a travel company as an ad campaign a while back and now has become “official” covered by the BBC news this year.  For me the sad thing is this kind of attention almost belittles the ongoing problems of depression people feel obviously not just around one day or month of the year. Continue reading

How long before you see results?

Dear Gillian,

I have read a lot of self help books and tried a lot of the techniques, I regularly meditate, eat well and keep fit. I did not have a horrendous childhood and yet I still feel that something is not right. I feel like I am searching for something or someone. How long do you have to do this stuff for before you see results?  Is there any point in me doing your workshop? Continue reading