Life Healing Approach – Taking Back Control

This technique uses a unique mixture of  cognitive behaviour therapy; relaxation and spirituality
(non-denominational) and adds in the extensive and inclusive benefits of being
involved with a group of like minded individuals.

Cognitive behavioural therapy
-  is used to help people recognize and change dysfunctional thought patterns. Brain scans show that over time this therapy can actually change how the brain functions.

Relaxation Techniques
There are three major types of relaxation techniques:

  • Autogenic training. This technique uses both visual imagery and body awareness to move a person into a deep state of relaxation. The person imagines a peaceful place and then focuses on different physical sensations, moving from the feet to the head. For example, one might focus on warmth and heaviness in the limbs; easy, natural breathing; or a calm heartbeat.
  • Progressive muscle relaxation. This technique involves slowly tensing and then releasing each muscle group individually, starting with the muscles in the toes and finishing with those in the head.  This is a technique that you can easily try yourself, especially if you are finding it difficult to sleep.
  • Meditation. The two most popular forms of meditation  are Transcendental Meditation (students repeat a mantra[) and mindfulness meditation (students focus their attention on their moment-by-moment thoughts and sensations). 


We use a mixture of all three relaxation techniques, allowing the mind and body to quieten, relax and let go, whilst becoming more aware of sub-conscious patterns of behaviour and beliefs.

Also involved is re-integrating your Heart & Soul, Inner Child Work  and  reclaiming Dis-owned Selves
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