Hypnotherapy Mind/Body Sessions or Downloads

healing-hypnosisHypnosis can be a useful tool.  Many have been put off by various stage and television hypnotists that seem to take control of peoples’ minds and make them look foolish.  The interesting thing is that we have all experienced hypnosis often without realising it.  For instance when you arrive at your destination having driven a long distance but you don’t remember having driven the last 10 – 20 minutes. The same can happen whilst watching television and you kind of zone out or seem incapable of turning off the TV and going to bed.  Many have zoned out whilst standing in a queue.

Whilst we would always advocate dealing with any underlying issues you may be experiencing there are occasions when a brief hypnotic session can really help at a particular time when you need it and to this end we provide a number of instant hypnosis downloads. Perhaps you have worked on your stuff in the past and need some help to overcome a blip in the system. You may be experiencing stress, weight gain, ongoing grief, problems with relationships at work or home. We have covered the most popular topics so that you can have something to make you feel better whilst working on the issue NOW!

Hypnosis Downloads

A customers opinion :

“I have started listening to the hypnosis download at least once a day.  I very much like the fact that it has no background music, usually the music on hypnosis programmes is either so loud that one can not hear the words properly, or not to one’s taste, or it is so relaxing that sends you to sleep.  Your voice and the speed at which you speak is good”.

Current Titles – to view any of these just click on the titles below:

No More Stress
Relationships Letting Go – getting over your EX.
Letting Go of the Past
Finding Genuine Love
Freedom From Worry
Healing Hypnosis
Easy Weight-loss
No More Procrastination
More Confidence

We can also create a Personal Hynotherapy Download for you to use at home. To use this service please email for details.

We have a range of hypnotherapy downloads in the Shop.