Are subliminal affirmations more effective? …

Dear Gillian,

Are affirmations more powerful when presented directly to the subconscious via subliminal messaging?  Logically this should bypass any immediate conflict with yourself. Also, are affirmations more effective in the 1st person, 2nd person or neutral i.e “exercise is easy and fun”?  Please can you shed some light on this…..

Dear Tony,

The quick answer to whether subliminal affirmations are more effective is – generally no, but it depends on how much inner work or clearing work you have done.

Until the root negative beliefs , experiences and patterns have been cleared from the sub-conscious the messages are not operating at a deep enough level to make the changes you may be looking for.  However, subliminal messages are a useful supplement to conscious living and affirming.

When you have held beliefs from a small child through to adulthood, re-programming without doing the clearing work may bring some temporary benefit but when your “buttons got pushed again” unexpectedly, you would revert to the previous years of conditioning.  It is key to get back in touch with the “inner child” that is stuck with this negativity and show them that things are not as they thought, get them to reconsider with the benefit of your adult self and then move on without  the risk of reverting.

Any affirmations are good if they are positive. However, they must always be present tense and personal to you and I believe they are most effective when in the first person.  Thus “I am a wonderful, loving, creative person” .  They are also very powerful if you can look yourself in the eye in the mirror whilst you say them. If you want to start using or creating them it is worth looking at my guide to affirmations. If you want to experience an “Affirmation Bath” and cannot attend a workshop then get this CD

To conclude:

  • I believe it is better to become consciously aware of the negative messages running through your mind, get to the bottom of where they came from, clear them and change your thinking for good.  This does not have to be a slow painful process.  I do it in two days with individuals and groups.
  • Subliminal messages are a useful supplement to any work of this nature you may be doing, but should not replace conscious awareness.
  • The clearing work is the key to positive change and getting back in touch with what has really been going on inside you and your “authentic self”.  This is the basis of my workshops as it can be very difficult for people to do this by themselves.  It really is a very exciting and worthwhile journey going within.

This is a very big topic and to explain why I have come to these conclusions would take a long time.  However, if you wish to call me (see contact page) I would be happy to talk through anything you may be working on or explaining  more about the use of affirmations.