I have a friend who has been told he is dying …

Dear Gillian,

I have a friend who had surgery because of a brain tumour and was told he does not have long to live.  He is constantly sad and feels helpless.  I gave him a pep talk and promised him some literature that could help on the road to recovery and prolong his life.  He is not familiar with spirituality and the power he has within.  I was wondering if there is any literature or other ways for him to begin with that he can understand and relate to.  Can you please help?

Dear James,

Firstly You are an amazing and truly wonderful friend.

I am sorry to hear about your friend.  A pep talk whilst very well intentioned may not be quite what he needs right now.  He may or may not be dying but what he may need to do is deal with his fears and any issues.  He needs someone to talk with him in a caring but detached way about how he really feels, his biggest fears etc. so that he can do some clearing work.

Your friend is very welcome to email me himself or call, but it is important that it is his decision.

Check out the “Life Healing Teachers” link on the links page for a list of Louise Hay Teachers you may find there is one close by who will work with your friend.  If he were here I would see him if that is what he wanted and use some techniques to work with his sub conscious.  I have healed my own body of a fibroid not life threatening but any doctor will assure you that it cannot happen without medical intervention and yet I am living proof as indeed Louise Hay is (she cured herself of cancer).  That is not to say that I would be healing him that is something each person must choose for themselves. I would just like him to know for a fact that doctors do not know everything and the human body and spirit has an amazing ability to heal itself if there are no blocks and barriers in the way.  We need to clear our emotional baggage so the body can get on with the job.  Also what we focus on grows so if your friend is focussed on what the doctors have said and the negative then it will just get worse (but again changing to positive thought is not easy when there are blocks and barriers)

A workshop would be ideal and then another site that might help once he has cleared out the “stuff” would be http://www.vitalaffirmations.com

I hope this helps.

With love,