I just want someone to love? …

Dear Gillian,

I really want to have a loving relationship with someone.  I have had relationships in the past but they have never worked out.  It feels like I have been on my own forever.  My life feels incomplete and I feel sad when I think that I am missing out on something and that if I don’t do something about it I will always be alone. I just want someone to love.

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your letter. You mentioned in your letter that you have had relationships before but did not give me any indication of why they did not work out.  You are right to think that you need to do something about this.  The root of the problem is that you do not love yourself.  That is the relationship that is missing.  Once you get that in place you will find that other healthy and harmonious relationships quickly follow, not just with a special partner but with work colleagues, family, friends etc.  So how do you do it?  As always you need to clear out the negative beliefs and thought patterns you have about you, your life, relationships and anything else.  These are usually held in the sub-conscious.  That is what we do on my workshops.  Take a look at Louise Hays’ guide to loving yourself and start treating yourself like someone you love. Any work you do on yourself will pay dividends.

Whatever you choose to do or not to do I am here if you need me.