I look and feel old …

Dear Gillian,

This may sound daft but I feel really low at the moment and when I look in the mirror to do my affirmations all I see is a woman who looks like my mother staring back at me. It is so depressing.  I look and feel old, how can I do the affirmation mirror work while I feel like this?

Dear Sylvia,

Although we are all told as children that we should never judge a book by its cover, we still do.  We all age and need to adjust with the changes that naturally will and do take place in our bodies, however, there are other things that can effect how we look.  If you have experienced life as difficult, hard, sad or similar over the years this will start to show on your face as well as in your posture.  You may have seen people who seem to have a permanent scowl on their face, as the years pass the lines set in place.  Clearing out all that negativity is essential, dump those old beliefs and experiences that lock you into the past and you will see that scowl start to dissipate.  What you believe is true becomes true for you.  It is only a thought and a thought can be changed.  One of the lovely side effects of my weekend workshops is that I see peoples faces change over the days.  They arrive with the weight of the world on their shoulders and yes on their faces and by the time they leave their faces have softened and lightened, some gain a glow and their posture is more upright and open.  As time goes on more changes take place, but to initiate it they had to dump the garbage.

Be kind to yourself as you look in the mirror, you are in the process of change. Start taking time out for yourself, indulge yourself, treat yourself and do things that you love.  Life can be fun and you need to bring that back into your life.

Stick with the affirmations like “I am beautiful and everybody loves me” yes I know it does not feel right, and for some practical help go to the following site to get an easy series of facial exercises to lift your face naturally without surgery, injections or equipment. Natural Facelift Method We are all beautiful! Taking care of yourself and your outward appearance are part of loving yourself.

Here when you need me.