Manifesting… do you ever just feel cloudy? …

Dear Gillian,

I have read several books on cosmic ordering and wondered in terms of manifesting what you want do you ever just feel cloudy? How can you be sure that what you think you want, is actually what you really want? Can I just affirm: ‘Everything unfolds in the best way possible’? Is this too vague?

Dear Frank,

It is important to check that you are coming from a loving space when you make choices or decisions.  If you are coming from a place of fear those choices are never good. Just affirm that what you need now comes to you in the perfect way for all concerned.  Do not worry if you make a choice and you do not like it pass it to someone else or let it go and choose/affirm again for something else.

Life is filled with infinite variety, take each day as an opportunity to discover things you like or would like to try.  There is no need to work too hard at this make it fun and positive and see the good arrive.