Did time with my parents at Christmas make me feel this bad?

Before I ask my question I must say since doing your workshop my relationship with my husband is so much better that it’s unrecognisable and so there is no stress there at all anymore which is wonderful- I feel as if we are just getting to really know one another after 30 years and he has been so supportive and understanding- it’s as if we’re two different people- so that part of life is excellent- thank you!  
Am I expecting too much too soon? I have just had a couple of difficult weeks, I spent time with my parents over Christmas- could it be this?   Could this have had an impact?  It has always been difficult with my father but now I am so much older with my own family you would think things would be different.  I feel the sense of disappointment and it made me feel very low.
On a positive note, the love I feel inside, when things are working, has changed my ability to love others.  It’s amazing how love for yourself can really translate into a deep love for others, whatever the circumstances- it is like being wrapped in a warm blanket and I shall be eternally grateful for that.  I’m just at a loss at the moment. Kathy

Dear Kathy,

Sorry to hear you are feeling less than but it is useful for you to make these connections. Yes you have identified the root cause – the Christmas parent stuff. With the best will in the world millions of us revert to feeling like children (powerless) as we return to parents who do not seem to have changed their perceptions of us from when we were much younger. It pushes our buttons in so many ways and it is easy to have old stuff stirring us up again. Relax it is fairly normal.
You are feeling it intensely because your new found happiness is very new and inside you are still fearful that it can be lost or taken by someone else. Let me reassure you it cannot, you always have it inside but you start to disconnect from it when you get fearful, pressured or nervous.
The past truly is the past and you are walking away from it, in-fact you get further away with every step and every day that passes. It is a shame Christmas came as quickly as it did after the workshop, you will find that next Christmas will bear no resemblance to the last one. Keep on going appreciating the new found relationship with hubby and all the good in your life and using the techniques. What we focus on grows.
I am here if and when you need me.