Todays thoughts are tomorrows happenings …

Dear Gillian,

My name is frank, I don’t have any problems so not sure this is the right page for me to write to you. I bought the book “you can heal your life” 3weeks ago after being recommended by a friend. I read it cover to cover, although I am no stranger to positive thinking and todays thoughts are tomorrows happenings, I found the book both interesting and helpful.

Like I said 3 weeks ago I bought the book and was particularly interested in the abundance (money) chapter, so I read it most days but spoke the affirmation in my mind when I was not doing anything, also read the piece at the end of the chapter each day as suggested. Today I got a letter, I have shares in the company I work for, I have 127 shares and forgot about them. The letter was asking do I want to sell, keep or buy more. These shares cost me nothing but are worth £638 today. So yes you got it, I’m selling. I never doubted what you ask the universe for you will receive, and now I Have seen it work for me. I must be doing your exercises correctly and will keep doing this.

Eventually I want to make enough money by way of any means known or unknown all legal of course (big lottery win will be great ) to end my working days for good and live the comfortable life I always dream and imagine.

Thank you for your teachings, I wanted to share this feedback with you.

Dear Frank,

Thank you for sharing your success with me. I am delighted to hear of your success and know that you will go from strength to strength as you practise and work with the affirmations.

With love,