Will I have a health problem …

Dear Gillian,

I have been reading Louise Hay’s book  and I am very concerned. I had a difficult childhood with various traumas within the family and I understand that if this is the case I may end up with some serious health problem. Is this true?

Dear Megan,

No this is not necessarily true for you. Louise explains in her book about the various traumatic events of her own childhood and then tells of her cancer experience. However, she also points out that her problems were caused by repressed emotions, feelings of not being loved or safe etc. This may not have been true for you. You may have dealt with the emotions at the time or had professional assistance later to deal with what you have experienced.

It is really down to whether or not you feel that your experiences in childhood are causing you difficulties in your life today. If you are enjoying a happy fulfilling life now, then the chances are you are fairly healthy, if you want to you could do some work with a cognitive behavioural therapist just to go through any areas of concern. If on the other hand you feel that you cannot connect with others, have abusive relationships, feel unhappy etc. then it may be that you need to do some work to get to the bottom of that and to clear out any negative “stuff” that you may be holding onto subconsciously, especially if it is anger or resentment. From reading Louise’s book you will know some of the techniques she suggests to help clear this but again I would urge you to see a professional to help you with this or come on one of my workshops.