Workshop Aftercare


Taking care of yourself through change

It was wonderful meeting you and to have the gift of your presence on the Life Healing Workshop. As you know I am here for you,  you also know you have started a particular process in motion,  you already feel that happening, changes may be coming quickly and it can seem a little scary.   In your heart you know this is what needs to happen and you have been waiting a long time for this. Stick with it and keep affirming “everything is working out perfectly”.

If you now remain true to your feelings and emotions and what is best for you, it will bring wonderful changes not only for you but those around you.

Here are a few important things to remember in the next few weeks:

  • Remember to use your affirmations daily. It is really important to continue with the affirmations and acknowledge any feelings you have as they come up before letting them go. A suitable releasing affirmation would be “I acknowledge the pattern of behaviour in me that has contributed to this condition/situation and I release it now with love”.
  • Practice extreme self care for the first two weeks. This means trusting your own judgement and gut feelings, doing what feels right for you regardless of what others may want.  Treat yourself as you would a child who has had a difficult time and needs a pressure free period to recuperate whilst being loved and nurtured.  Learn to say “NO”.
  • If you have the Life Healing CD use it daily in the first week, using tracks 2 or 3 (not track 1 initially).  It is available as a download here. It will remind you of the experience you have had and the warmth and love that surrounded you.  If you wish to experience the “affirmation bath” again along with more music, affirmations and meditation you can purchase the  Heartfelt – affirmations to release the past CD.
  • Get into the habit of setting time aside each day just to sit quietly and meditate.  It may only be 10-15 minutes peace just taking the telephone off the hook and sitting or lying somewhere you will not be disturbed.  Just quieten your thoughts and focus on your breathing.  This will keep you in touch with your “higher self”, just ask the question “what is it I need to know?” and allow the answer to come in its own good time.  There is no need to try and find or work out the answer.
  • Mirror work is also very important and can help speed up the process. Using the affirmation “I love and accept myself exactly as I am” is fine, keep it simple.

I am here if you need me.
With love,

Heartfelt – Affirmations, songs and meditations to release the past
Life Healing – Chants & Meditations