Louise Hay Essential Guide

Louise HayLouise Hay healed her life through the techniques she learned at the Church of religious Science/Science of Mind philosophy and others. Louise has written many books, perhaps most notably You can Heal Your Life and is an international best selling author. However it was recognised that though her books helped thousands, many required a safe and supportive environment where they could confront their issues and make their changes.

Having trained as an Advanced Louise Hay Teacher I found the philosophy a great starting point for those wishing to make changes in their lives. If you are familiar with her books and feel like you now want to make changes in your own life then I can help you make that happen.

Below are some of the details of Louise’s life, philosophy, techniques and books.

Louise Hay’s Story – this is an outline of her story, and the transformation she brought about in her own life.

Louise’s Philosophy – the philosophy behind the successful techniques of Louise Hay are shown here.

Louise Hay Workshops – details of Louise Hay Workshops and why you need the extra value and effective techniques you get through Life Healing.

Examples of Louise Hay Affirmations – Here are some examples of Louise Hay affirmations.

Louise Hay Meditation  – read a meditation written by Louise Hay. Find a quiet moment and relax in your chair.

Louise Hay Guide to Loving Yourself – Here you find the essence of the Louise Hay method to love yourself.

Louise Hay Books – the key Louise Hay books to read.

Life Healing Workshops – further details of Workshops run by us in the UK. These workshops are highly successful at bringing about change. You really CAN change your life… take the first step NOW.