Louise Hay Books

Louise Hay Bibliography

Below are what I consider to be the key Louise Hay Books that I would recommend. Louise has written many other books, however, these are mostly variations building on the original books and concepts.

Heal Your Body

This is a development of the original book that Louise wrote. This book gives us an insight in metaphysical terms to the probable causes of whatever health problems we may be experiencing and provides affirmations to assist our own healing.

You can heal your Life

This is the book which I like to recommend to anyone interested in Louise’s work and self-healing. It includes not only the essential elements of the “Heal Your Body” book but also deeper explanations behind the causes of the challenges we face in our lives as well as practical guidance for bringing about personal change or healing.

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Companion Book

More practical exercises to assist in the process of self-healing. Useful after having read You can Heal your Life if you wish to go further in a more practical way.

Meditations to heal Your Life

Compendium of short meditations designed to provoke deeper thought and may assist if you are struggling to create your own affirmations. In my view, this book is not really necessary for your personal development work.

Gift Book Collection

Includes “You can Heal Your Life”, “Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Companion Book” and “Meditations to Heal Your Life”. At the time of writing this gift edition is excellent value for money. The books are beautifully illustrated, however I feel the plainer editions of “You can Heal Your Life” and the companion book are better to work with in the first instance because you will not be concerned about making notes in them or turning the pages.

The collection does however make a wonderful gift to yourself to keep for reference.