Louise Hay Workshops

life-healing-works-logo-300wAre you looking for Louise Hay Workshops? Maybe you have read one of her books – You Can Heal Your Life or Heal Your Body and want guidance on her philosophy. Perhaps you found that although you enjoyed the books and understood the message it still has not made a real difference in your life. Many have felt this way, attracted to the philosophy but feeling the need for more practical guidance on making it work. In fairness all self help books suffer from the same problem, often people need to be shown or guided through the various techniques required. Being a Louise Hay Specialist, Hypnotherapist, Breathwork Practitioner, author and international motivational speaker, I have all the tools to adapt what is required to fit you as opposed to trying the one size fits all of a book approach.

Having been certified by Louise Hay over 16 years ago in those early days I was keen to share her philosophy in workshops and one to one sessions as I loved the gentle simplicity of it. However, I soon realised that practical techniques and working with the sub conscious were the things that really made change happen. So I adapted my workshops over the years to include a range of the most effective techniques around, honing and testing them so that anyone coming would get results and quickly not just a different way of looking at the world.

So if you are looking for a Louise Hay Workshop to heal your life and really get the job done then look no further than the diary page here. We run regular workshops, sessions and courses incorporating all the Louise hay techniques and philosophy plus so much more including the source of Louise Hay’s philosophy. You will experience mind/body work, inner child connection, family and relationship dynamics, easy anger releasing and other techniques too numerous to list but all highly effective in bringing change quickly almost without you noticing.