Online Meditations

MeditationBelow are a selection of online meditations I have produced. I include a brief description of each under its heading. Just click on the heading and the selected meditation page will come up and the audio should start fairly quickly. Please enjoy and if you have any ideas or meditations of your own that you would like to contribute to this section, please email me.

Relaxation meditations

“Summer Field”  (script + 5 minutes audio)

This is a short 5 minute meditation, perfect if you have a few spare minutes and need to just “chill out” and relax!

Meditations on Love

“I am loved”
(script + 6 minutes online voiceover)

A good meditation to do whilst learning to love yourself.


Forgiveness meditations

“I forgive” 
(script only)

This is a short meditation to work specifically on forgiving those people in
our lives that we feel resentment or anger towards, but can be used as a general
clearing exercise.


Health meditations

“Radiant Health”
  (script only)

This is a general health meditation good for everyone even if you feel you do
not have any medical problems.


Relationship Meditations

“My Perfect Partner is

  (script only)

Written by Shakti Gawain  this meditation “using relationship as a
mirror” helps us see the significance of difficult relationships in our lives
and the healing that can come from them.


Prosperity Meditations

“I prosper”
 (script only)

A meditation written by Shakti Gawain to assist in bringing abundance into
your life.


Meditations for Work and Career

“I do well”
(script only)

A meditation to assist you in identifying what your ideal career position is.

“Life Healing” Chants & Meditation CD

Explore the process of change, love and forgiveness in this series of chants
and meditations.
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