Forgiveness Meditation – “I Forgive”

Forgiveness Meditation.

Sit or lie comfortably where you will not be disturbed. Gently close your
eyes and focus on your breathing. As the you breathe in just notice the coolness
of the air as it enters your nostrils and notice your body relaxing, feeling
calm. Counting down now from ten to one as you become more deeply relaxed. Ten
breathing gently, nine, eight getting more relaxed, seven, six body and mind
quiet and relaxed, five, four, three very calm and relaxed, two and one.

Visualise yourself in a beautiful meadow. It is a bright sunny, warm day and
you are completely safe. Look around you what can you see?  Do you want to
change this scene at all? If so add in anything at all you want to, make this
your special place of safety and security where you can come when you want to
relax and refresh yourself. Whilst remaining calm and content take a moment to
think of anyone who has hurt or upset you in some way. Visualise this person or
these people and knowing that you are safe and that they cannot hurt or affect
you in any way tell them how much they have hurt you and why you feel the way
you do. See the shame and hurt on their faces.

Get everything off your chest don’t hold back, allow any emotions you have to
flow to the surface and be released now. Know that if you keep these feelings
inside they will cause dis-ease within your body.

When you feel you have covered everything you need or want to just say to
yourself gently ” I easily release old hurt, anger and resentment from my body,
mind and emotions”  Then look at those people and say “I forgive you and I
forgive myself and I am free”.

See a ray of sunshine embrace you all. See their gratitude for your
forgiveness and then just watch them disappear as you turn away and back to
focussing on your wonderful sanctuary that now has all your favourite things in
it. Rest quietly here for a moment just thinking about all the wonderful things
you have in your life.

Now when you are ready start to breathe a little more deeply as you count
back up from one, two, three becoming more alert, four, five feeling the energy
flowing through your body, six feeling refreshed, seven, eight, nine aware of
the room your in and feeling ready to go on with your day, your eyes
and know that all is well in your world, you are forgiving and you are forgiven.
And so it is!

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