Health Meditation – “Radiant Health”

Health meditation.

Sit or lie comfortably. Allow your hands to rest in your lap or along side you, palms upwards. Gently close your eyes. Just take a moment to focus on your breathing and notice the gentle in and out of your breath. As you breathe in just say to yourself “I Am” and as your breath flows out “Relaxed”.  In “I am” ….out “relaxed”…”I am relaxed”….now feel a wave of relaxation flowing from your toes up to your head and then continuing to flow gently through your body. Allow your mind and thoughts to quieten, if thoughts do come just let them pass through without any attention to them and focus back on your breathing “I am relaxed” .

As you relax now say gently to yourself “what I need to know is revealed to me”.  Become aware of anywhere in your body that feels tense or uncomfortable. If you can easily reach it, place your hand on that area. Consciously breathe into that area and as you do ask yourself quietly “why do I feel this way…what is causing this tension, pain or discomfort in this part of my body?”. Then just quieten the mind and allow the answer to come to you…..

Visualise a radiant warm rosy glow in you heart, see it expanding and almost vibrating with love and now allow this love to flow down your arm and through your hand into that part of the body in which you have any discomfort.  Allow this flow of love to continue warming and easing that part of you and then see it flowing throughout your body, visiting and embracing every cell, every muscle and organ with healing love and gently say to yourself ” I love and accept myself exactly as I am….I listen to my bodies messages with love, I take loving care of my body and my body responds to me with vibrant health and energy. My healing is in process and all is well in my world”.

Now when you are ready bring your attention back to the room, breathe a little more deeply and open your eyes. Remember you can make positive health affirmations at any time not just while meditating. Support your health by affirming “I am healthy, whole and complete” and know “that all is well in your world….and so it is!”.

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