Meditation for Work or Career

Meditation for Work and Career.

Sit or lie comfortably, gently close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a
moment. As you inhale say to yourself “I am” and as you exhale “relaxed”…I
am…relaxed. Now say to yourself “what I need to know is revealed to me”…….

As you relax and feel yourself supported, safe and calm turn your attention to
your current work, visualise your typical day…..the people you see…the
activities you do…how do you feel?…are you comfortable and happy or do you
feel stressed or just not particularly happy… If so, why is that?

Now visualise yourself doing your ideal job, what does it feel like?…What
are you doing?….What kind of people are you involved with?……….If it is
not quite clear in your mind take a few moments to create it in the way you
want…add in as much detail as you can. Visualise yourself as successful in
whatever way is important to you. See yourself happy and healthy, being
appreciated and being well paid….stress free and doing what you love.

Now affirm to yourself “I now have opportunities opening up to me for greater
fulfilment and joy in my work. All my relationships are harmonious both in work
and out”. …..”I now find new ways of using my unique creative talents and
abilities and there is a huge demand for my particular qualities and skills and
I am appreciated for the wonderful individual I am, wherever I am””.

When you are ready bring your awareness back to the room, open your eyes and
return to your day knowing that all is well in your world…and so it is.

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