Summer Field Relaxation Meditation

Relaxation Meditation Script

Summer Field Relaxation Meditation

“Summer Field” Relaxation Meditation

Take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Allow your body to just let go. Become aware of any tension in your body and just breathe into that area for a moment….

Now as you take in each breath say to yourself “I am..” and as you breathe out say to yourself “relaxed”, in “I am”….out “relaxed”, “I am….relaxed”

Just allow your mind and body to be peaceful, if thoughts come just let them pass and go back to focussing on your breath, as it now gently flows in through your nose notice the coolness of the air just as it enters your nostrils………….

“I am relaxed”…….

now picture yourself in a beautiful meadow, a summer field, surrounded by wildflowers, you can hear birds a little way off and you know that you are completely safe. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your face and body.  As you gently lay down on the soft grass and feel supported by the earth and warmed by the sun you know that you have everything you need.

just lie here for a moment and enjoy this wonderful place of peace and calm.
Now when you are ready just breathe a little more deeply, feel the vital flow of energy through your body as you gently come back to the room and continue on with your day refreshed and re-energised, knowing that you can return to your special place of calm anytime you want just by recalling it.

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