It is from our mothers that we expect unconditional love and it is also our mothers who most often get blamed for our up bringing.  When we are tiny babies mother is absolutely fundamental to our existence and for the early months of life apparently we believe we are an extension of her and she of us.

Motherhood can be a joy and a blessing but for some it seems like the very opposite.
Many who were not brought up by their birth mother or their mother died when they were very young – believe that if their mother had been around whilst they grew up then everything would have been fine and their lives would have been happy.  On the other hand I have met plenty of people who were brought up by their mothers and believe that if they had been brought up by someone else their lives would be happier and healthier today.  In both instances there is a longing and yearning for the unconditional love that was not received. If you have an issue around your mother consider coming to deal with it once and for all at a workshop.

Grief When Parents Die (becoming an adult orphan) can throw up all sorts of issues and emotions take a look here for more on this.

Letter re: Mother in Law

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