Life Healing Workshops, Courses and Personal Sessions

Below is a small selection of the classes, sessions talks and activities we can provide or contact Gillian directly here

Life Healing Workshops, Workshop Leader Training, Personal Sessions and Consultations

Life Healing WorkshopsLife Healing Workshops  - Experiencing poor health, bad relationships, unsatisfying work, feelings of ongoing sadness or unhappiness or just feel that there has to be more to life? Perhaps you have what many would consider as the perfect job, partner, car, house and yet things aren’t quite right… then this is for you! You really can change it all in just two days. This popular course has been attended by hundreds of others who have found success and happiness through the techniques and understanding they discover. Don’t wait another year to find your happiness and the life you deserve – More details

Bespoke Private Workshops  – sometimes you may feel you cannot face being with a group of people in a workshop environment or the workshop dates do not fit, but may still want to go through this unique process for change and get instant results. Whatever the reason you feel the need to have a more personal experience, I have the solution for you. Read more

Life Healing Workshop Leader Training – this fabulous week starts with the Life Healing Workshop and then continues teaching you how to share the life healing techniques.  Great if you would like to run your own workshops, create a second income stream, add some new effective techniques to your therapy practice or want to take your healing to a whole new level. Next course date & info.


Skype and Telephone Consultations

These are available for those who cannot come and see me face to face but who want quick clarification on issues they are facing or techniques to actually deal with the situation. Just £30 for 30 minutes. Appointments available within 24 hours.  To book your session go here.

FREE – Dear Gillian Letters - if you have a particular issue you are concerned about then you can write to Gillian and she will respond to you directly as soon as possible,  this service is completely free.  If you would like to see what others have asked her about then check out the letters page.

Hypnotherapy -  we provide a range of hypnosis downloads on this site. Read more.

Other Courses – available for groups in a work environment or social setting.

The courses below can be booked for your own group, company or organisation.  We do not run them on a regular basis.

 Changing Perspectives One or Half Day Course – A simple perspective change can open up a whole new world of possible solutions in all aspects of life. When you consider only one perspective, one limited way of defining any problem you automatically rule out any number of possible and viable solutions. Change the way you view the problem and/or yourself and you open up a whole new world of potential. This one day workshop is particularly suited to the workplace especially where a new process, culture or major change is being introduced. See course content.

Carers Workshop - Many people now find themselves in the position of caring for an elderly relative either within their own home or close by. Some are also caring for young children. Whilst care within a family can sound like the ideal provision, the stress and strains placed on the Carer are enormous and can result in various health and emotional problems. More details

Stress Busting Techniques -  Stress is a widely overused term that covers a multitude of sins. There are many different kinds from organizational to personal. Rarely do we hear it used in beneficial terms but stress is an important part of our lives as individuals and groups because it pushes us to achieve, strengthens our resolve and if physical, strengthens our muscles. Sometimes, however, it can become a problem and results in lack of sleep, irritability and a whole list of other unpleasant symptoms. This class assists participants to understand where their stress may be coming from and then releasing it in a number of interesting, simple and effective ways.

Guided Meditation -    Series of relaxing and enlightening guided meditation sessions to fit most timetables involving lots of different scenarios and journeys.

Learning to Meditate -  A simple, gentle guide on how to meditate aimed at putting the individual at ease with quieting the body and mind quickly and effectively.

Self Hypnosis -  In a series of short sessions (30 minutes, 20 minutes and then 10 minutes) participants are taught to use hypnosis for themselves, entering alpha level and programming their sub conscious mind.


Like the talks and courses these experiences can be provided for you or your own group and can be added to an existing event if you wish to bring an extra “Wow” factor.


Intuitive Drawing Sessions

 Non Dominant Hand / Intuitive Drawing -  This can be run as a 45 minute experience or a full morning session. Participants are provided with crayons and paper and then encouraged to tap into their subconscious creativity using a simple guided process.  When drawing they will use the opposite hand to the one they usually use.  Researchers in recent years are discovering the vast, untapped potential of the brains right hemisphere. We generally think of this side of the brain as being the “creative” side. The right brain is thought of primarily as being the random, intuitive side of the brain that tends to look at the whole first.  It is holistic, subjective, and synthesizing. When we use our non-dominant hand we connect with this part of ourselves.  Because we do not expect a good result in terms of the quality of drawing it also takes the pressure off the end result and we are much freer in the creation of it.  Interpretation will follow for those who wish.

Breathwork – a way to release stress, tension, pent up emotions and unresolved issues from the body using the breath. Read more


 Mind/Body Link – your body’s healing power house -   Most ancient healing practices, for example traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, emphasize the importance of the mind/body link in healing, Hippocrates once wrote, “The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”.  In Western society while phrases such as “mind over matter” have been around for years, it is only fairly recently that scientists have found solid evidence that mind/body techniques actually do combat disease and promote health.

Mind/body techniques are helpful for many conditions because they promote relaxation, improve coping skills, reduce tension and pain, and lessen the need for medication. Symptoms of anxiety and depression also respond well to mind/body techniques. This talk is based around my own book “Healing Inside Out” and those of other leading authors and researchers in the field.


The Art of Manifesting

The Art of Manifesting -  This is a fun interactive talk bordering on a workshop that gives numerous techniques for people to try.  It is all about finding a technique that feels right for you because if it does not feel right then it will not work.