Carers Workshop – Learning to Live & Care

Many people now find themselves in the position of caring for an elderly relative either within their own home or close by. Some are also caring for young children. Whilst care within a family can sound like the ideal provision, the stress and strains placed on the Carer are enormous and can result in various health and emotional problems. Having had personal and professional experience of Caring and Care Givers I have put together a two day workshop and follow up personal counseling session for each participant, details follow below but if you would like more background information and research go to How a Caregivers Immune System is weakened.

transormation butterflyThe Life Healers Approach

Gillian has prepared this carers workshop based on the following experience: – over fourteen years of running personal development and life healing workshops, courses and personal sessions – Investors in People Assessment work carried out with various Organisations – over ten years of management consultancy assignments in the public and private sector – 30 years of ongoing research into various health conditions and alternative solutions – personal experience of being a carer.

The techniques used are a unique mixture of cognitive behaviour therapy; relaxation and spirituality (non-denominational) with the added extensive and inclusive benefits of being involved with a group of like minded individuals from similar situations. The best method of delivery is in the form of an intensive two day workshop away from the usual environment, if this is not possible or appropriate then the sessions can be delivered over a 5 week period for two hours per week, with follow up one to one sessions.

Carers Workshop – time to breathe and gain new perspective.

Two Day Workshop Content

Day 1 – Personal Audit Day

Understanding Stress, origins and techniques to deal with it.

Look at past patterns and understand their origins.

Mind/Body Link – reviewing current or past health issues and understanding lifestyle and choices that may have lead to dis-ease in the body. Accepting that though we may have contributed to our own state of health, either consciously or unconsciously, we are not to blame. Awareness is the key.

Inner child work – this is about identifying and unifying all parts of our personalities and accepting ourselves “Warts and all”.

Positive Messages- using the group to create an “affirmation bath”, where everyone continually gives positive messages and feedback to each member over a period of time.

Day 2 – Learning New Ways

Anger Management – using meditation and physical exercises to release anger in a safe and healthy way. Understanding that it is ok to experience all your own feelings as long as they are handled appropriately for all concerned. covers preventative measures.

Forgiveness work – releasing resentment and learning that holding onto old hurt, resentment and anger can cause unhappiness and dis-ease within the body.

reviewing Relaxation Techniques and Coping strategies.

Writing a new story – focusing on the things that you want to bring into your life.

Learning to accept help in its many guises e.g. a friends ear or shoulder, social services, relatives, finance etc. Finding a support structure.

What else is included? 2 day (10 hours) group intensive plus one hour individual session and meditation CD per participant – cost per person is dependent on numbers, venue, charity/organisation etc. Gillian can give you an accurate estimate of cost if you provide her with details of your particular requirements by Email or by telephone.

Group size: Any number from 4 to 20 (however, personal workshops for 1 can be arranged)

Venue: to be provided by organisation booking the course or can be arranged at a suitable outside venue. Transport, accommodation and other arrangements for participants can also be arranged if required (at extra cost).