Celebrity Personal Workshops, Sessions, Retreats

Celebrity Support Private SessionsIf you are in the public eye, a celebrity, well known, in a high profile job or similar then this is for you. You may be very successful and others may look at you and think you have it made, if you do not feel this inside, if your health is suffering, your relationships less than healthy or non-existent or you have just lost the joy or happiness in your life then something needs to change and quickly. In working with high profile clients I know the need for privacy and confidentiality whilst effectively getting the job done quickly. I created the Celebrity Personal Workshops, Sessions and Retreats to cover those needs. Flexibility in the way I work is the key to ensuring complete privacy and a simple confidentiality agreement takes care of anything else.

We are all human beings living our lives and experiencing the joys, love, loss, pain and trauma that life can bring.  When success, notoriety or fame is present it can intensify both the positive and negative experiences and events, There can be pressure to continue performing in a high level position or the public eye when what the individual needs is to be able to retreat for a while and heal, recuperate and just be.  if that goes on over a long period of time then long term damage can occur.

Some of those I have worked with have lost themselves along the way as their work took over until they no longer know who they are.

I have been privileged to work with members of the Judiciary, Press, Famous Faces, Artists, Actors, as well as the Military, Police Special Forces and Social services,  The important thing is that everyone needs a safe confidential space to just deal with their stuff quickly and effectively with someone they can trust to guide them through.

Rest assured that in dealing with your stuff you will not lose the essence of who you are. Sometimes we fear, especially if our career and work require us to be a certain way, that if we heal and deal with challenges or past traumas we will lose the drive/edge in our lives. This is not so, what does happen is we lose the stress, the hurt, pain and anger. We are all multifaceted beings and we can draw on various parts of our personality when we need to when we know how (I can show you how if this is what you need).

Your place or mine?

Whilst I am happy to come to you wherever you are there are benefits in taking you away from your usual environment. I can arrange a private suite at a Hotel, a retreat type setting in a log cabin or whatever appeals to you. just let me know your preference and I will do my best to accommodate it.

If you are at the place where you know you want and need that change then I am here for you. Call me on Tel: 029 20710744 to chat anything over anonymously.