Changing Perspectives One or Half Day Course


Changing Perspectives one day workshop

This one day workshop is particularly suited to the workplace especially where a new process, culture or major change is being introduced.

A simple perspective change can open up a whole new world of possible solutions in all aspects of life. When you consider only one perspective, one limited way of defining any problem you automatically rule out any number of possible and viable solutions. Change the way you view the problem and/or yourself and you open up a whole new world of potential.


Dates: By arrangement       Times:  By arrangement        Location: in-house or venue arranged

Course Outline


Why do we have different perspectives?

The art of good communication (Changing focus,Listening and reflecting, the therapists way)

Who are you really? (Multiple personalities/facets,the bigger picture)

The relationship between Stress and Fear

Relationships as mirrors (recognising your own behaviour, What pushes your buttons?)

 Body Language

A positive stocktaking exercise