Personal Consultations

Gillian Bowles MBa


A completely unique and confidential session with Gillian Bowles top UK metaphysical teacher, hypnotherapist, CBT based Mindfulness Practitioner, author and Louise Hay Specialist.

These sessions are designed to help fix what is going wrong in your life.

It doesn’t matter what seems to be going wrong or not working in your life. Perhaps you have had poor health, perhaps you have experienced bad relationships or no relationship at all. Maybe work is not making you feel fulfilled or you are unsure where your talents lie. Maybe you just have this nagging feeling that there must be a better way and more to life than you are experiencing. Whatever the reason, you will be introduced to a different way of thinking and viewing your life. Expect to discover why certain things have been happening. This experience initiates the changes you are looking for. Look forward to waving goodbye to those issues for good.

What are the likely benefits you can expect?

You can expect to experience the following:

  • reduced anxiety & stress
  • improved relationships
  • understanding of where your health issues (if any) have come from
  • improved health
  • overall feeling of well-being
  • feeling connected
  • a new sense and appreciation of who you are
  • breaking destructive patterns
  • being back in control of your life or feeling what it is like to be in control for the first time

Right from your first session you will leave with a plan and techniques and strategies that you can use straight away to make a difference.

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