Healing Inside Out – How to Heal Naturally Book & CD

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This book and CD contains a complete process to activate your own natural healing powers. Your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health is in your hands.

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Product Description

Being physically or emotionally sick is very dis-empowering no matter whether the condition is serious as in cancer and depression or more of an ongoing unhappy malaise.  How you feel and think at these times are crucial to your recovery.  Healing Inside Out – How to heal naturally Book and CD is a complete process for anyone wishing to heal emotionally and/or physically. The Book provides the main process and background whilst the CD provides excellent meditations and mental processes with explanations to really kick-start the natural healing process.  The closest I can get to being there with you when you need me, guiding you through whatever life throws at you.


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    5 star review from Amazon UK Purchaser

    Loved this book

    I really liked this book. If you are looking for healing without the usual drug induced life then this book is a must read for you! Gillian Bowles learns us how to bring about the healing with advice on Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Mental healing. She gives us a step by step guide to help in this book. A really good book!

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