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A quick way to shift those bad feelings

A Quick Way to Shift Those Bad Feelings

From time to time we get caught unawares by people, situations and events that though not drastic still leave us with an uneasy or bad feeling.  Whilst I generally believe in dealing with root causes of any issues I also realise that sometimes we need quick clearing techniques to get us back into balance and feeling better.

For those times here is a technique to try:

Dr Silvia Hartmann the originator of Emotrance believes we have our physical body with all its functions and movements and we have an energy body within which there are natural channels. When all is well energy flows freely through those channels (in, through, and out). When the energy flow is blocked, we experience painful emotions. The aim of the following technique is to help energy flow again by using our intention.

When you have an emotionally charged issue to work with:

  • Locate where you are feeling the energy (or bad feeling) in your body
  • Tell it to soften and flow
  • Get a sense of where it wants to exit your body (up through the head, down through the legs and feet or any number of ways).
  • Allow it to flow and if you catch yourself trying to force it or getting frustrated by it breathe deeply and let go
  • Repeat until you have gone as far as you can.

For lots more techniques with full instructions and guidance come and join us for the Practically Magic One Day Workshop read more about that here.

3 ways to deal with anger

Safe to Look within - AffirmationAnger is one of those emotions that not only makes the individual experiencing it feel very uncomfortable but those who are witness to it also. When someone gets angry it is generally seen as a lack of control as in he/she is losing it; or bad, dangerous and unpredictable. Problems relating to anger typically arise whenever emotions have been suppressed or misdirected. 
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Am I too sensitive? …

Dear Gillian,

If you can help me with this point I will be very thankful. I am a very sensitive, touchy person. I am now better than before. But still it is uncomfortable. I do not understand why I am this way. I do not know how to be a little stronger or maybe I should say normal. If someone hurts me I stay thinking about it for long hours and maybe days, Continue reading

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I am afraid of repeating my mistakes …

Dear Gillian,

I am in the States and too far to come right now and see you, I have ordered your Heartfelt – Affirmations to release the past CD but wondered if you could give me some more advice. I am in the process of letting go of past hurts, relationships, etc. as the fear of repeating my mistakes has caused much heartache these last few weeks Continue reading

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