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I have a friend who has been told he is dying …

Dear Gillian,

I have a friend who had surgery because of a brain tumour and was told he does not have long to live.  He is constantly sad and feels helpless.  I gave him a pep talk and promised him some literature that could help on the road to recovery and prolong his life.  He is not familiar with spirituality and the power he has within.  I was wondering if there is any literature or other ways for him to begin with that he can understand and relate to.  Can you please help? Continue reading

Feeling depressed and cannot see how things can get better

Dear Gillian,

I have been feeling low for the past few years ever since my husband died but just over the past few months I have become so depressed that i just do not feel there is any point in going on.  I have seen the doctor and he gave me some tablets but I just feel like I am in a box, unable to think or feel anything.  Please do not tell me to think positively, my friends have driven me nuts with talk like that.  if it were that simple everything would be fine.  Can you help me please? Continue reading