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Prosperity Affirmations

Prosperity Affirmations ListProsperity Affirmations List

“My income is constantly increasing”

“Abundance is mine”

“I deserve all good in my life and that includes prosperity”

“I am a money magnet, and prosperity of all kinds is drawn to me”

“I know that life is abundant and I accept abundance in my life now”

“My good comes from everywhere and everyone”

“Money flows to me from expected and unexpected sources”

“New opportunities to increase my income open up for me now”

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Affirmations For Joy

Affirmations for Joy and wellbeingJoy and Well-being Affirmations List

 “I go with the flow and my life is easy and filled with joy”

I see the beauty in my surroundings and I radiate joy and love”

“I am grateful for all the wonderful things I already have in my life and those that are yet to come”

“As I learn to love myself I can feel the love and joy from my own
heart flow through my body and radiate out to others”

“I increasingly relax and accept the good that I now know I deserve in
my life”

“I regularly take time out to do the things I want and love to do, I follow my heart and feel a sense of freedom and release”

“I now choose thoughts that nourish and support me in a loving and positive way”


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Life Healing Workshops

Life Healing Workshops

Life Healing WorkshopsAre you stressed, experiencing poor health, bad relationships, unsatisfying work, feelings of ongoing sadness or unhappiness or just feel that there has to be more to life? Perhaps you have what many would consider as the perfect job, partner, car, house etc. and yet…then this is for you.

Any time spent not really living your life is a waste.  The benefits of these workshops come mainly from working at a sub conscious level and it is wonderful the insights and the private aha! moments that come along with the release and relief of working in this way.

Life Healing workshops are not like any others. They have been perfected by author and international metaphysical teacher – Gillian Bowles MBA (certified by Louise Hay) using powerful techniques that Gillian used to heal her own body and her whole life. Her no nonsense, results oriented skills from years of research and management consultancy bring a more practical approach to topics that many others like to cloak in mysticism. Can it all change in just two days? YES. Results start to come on the weekend but this is not a short term fix it keeps working.

Why might a Life Healing Workshop be right for you?

If you need change to happen for you rather than just talking about it and want to do something that really makes a difference then a Life Healing workshop is the way to go  whether in a group or individually.

Some of the reasons this may be for you:

- This is like a Life Intervention and you get it all in one go, Gillian works at making herself redundant quickly by getting the job done.

- This course is for everyone. The workshop is designed to fulfill the needs of the individual even whilst being a group experience.

- There is no requirement for attendees to have any particular religion or belief system for it to work.

- Change will happen and quickly (read some of the amazing testimonials on the website).

- There is no mysticism involved, just practical steps and exercises that work, but you may feel like you have had a mystical experience!

What are the likely benefits you can expect?          Testimonials

Following on from the workshop many have reported improved sleep, work, relationships and health.  Some have stopped smoking and lost weight even though they did not come for that reason these are side effects of the releasing that occurs on the two days.  As a general rule you may experience the following:

- improved relationships

- understanding of where your health issues (if any) have come from

- improved health

- overall feeling of well-being

- feeling connected

- a new sense and appreciation of who you are

- breaking destructive patterns

- being back in control of your life or feeling what it is like to be in control for the first time

Unsure, got some questions or have something else you need help with?  Just give Gillian a call on Tel: 0784 9060442.

If you cannot make the workshop date or would like an even more personal experience Gillian runs personal workshops for individuals or private groups. She can come to you or you can come to her and will work with your dates where possible. You will have two days (or more if you want it) dedicated time getting to the root of anything holding you back or not working in your life so you can release it and move forward into a life you love.

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I just do not feel happy …

Dear Gillian,

Having read some of the letters on your site I feel a bit like a “whinger” as my issue does not seem to be anywhere near as bad, but I feel like I am coming to a crisis point and so I thought I would write to you anyway. basically I have a pretty good job, well paid etc. I do not have a relationship at the moment (through choice) as I do not want the hassle of it all. On the face of it I live the kind of life other people think looks great, no real responsibilities, travel, good car etc. However, I do not feel happy. I know it sounds pathetic but I feel empty and I cannot remember a time when I felt happy. I don’t think I am depressed but maybe I am. Continue reading

When is it going to be my Turn? …

Dear Gillian,

All my life I have worked hard and always paid my way and helped others. I am a single mother and I find life almost intolerable as I care for my elderly mother and two children.  I work part time and find that by the time I have finished work, cooked, cleaned and cared for everyone else there is no time for me. Even if I did have the time I certainly would not have the energy to do anything. I love my family but feel so tired of it all”. When is it going to be my turn? Continue reading

I left my husband and two children …

Dear Gillian,

15 months ago I left my husband and two children.  My husband was a workaholic and I worked full time.  My husband discovered he had cancer it scared the life out of me, we moved house to lesson his load with work but nothing changed that was 3 years ago .  My children got older and I realised that my life was going by and I was living the stressful life that my husband lived, he neglected me by coming in late from work etc . Continue reading

I am 50 and feel I have no future …

Dear Gillian,

I stumbled across your website at just the right moment: as you say, the universe sends us what we need! I turned 50 earlier this year and the whole process of looking backwards and realising that I have far more of a past behind me than future in front of me has raised a lot of sadness. I feel I have no future, Continue reading

I don’t want to play “doormat Wife” anymore …

Dear Gillian,

I am very very overwhelmed and stressed out. I have a two year old daughter who is a handful, a new puppy, and a newly disabled dog to care for. I work 4 days a week and my husband and I have been snapping at each other. I feel that nothing I ever do is good enough for him, Continue reading

It’s so unfair what they have done to me especially my Father …

Dear Gillian,

I am 40 years old and when I was a child my mother left and my father took me to live with him and my new step mother.  She abused me mentally and verbally and could be physical. I am particularly hurt by my father who allowed her to treat me badly and just did not seem interested in me.  I have spent a lot of time in therapy dealing with all this. I still contact them but they never offer me any kindness or love.  I was wondering as time goes on with all  this stuff and I begin to like/love myself more and more if you stop wishing for what you never had? Continue reading