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Life Healing Philosophy

The principles behind the Life Healing workshops and Teacher Training Programme are based on ideas and techniques that have proved to work over many years.  No religious beliefs are required.  Working with the sub conscious allows deeper more lasting change to take place.  By allowing you to experience practical positive change very quickly it opens the door to knowing you are capable of having the things you want in your life as a reality. Continue reading

Louise Hay Affirmations

Louise Hay Affirmations LOVING TREATMENT

Deep at the centre of my being there is an infinite well of love.
I now allow this love to flow to the surface.

It fills my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness, my very being, and radiates out from me in all directions and returns to me multiplied. Continue reading

Louise Hay Essential Guide

Louise HayLouise Hay healed her life through the techniques she learned at the Church of religious Science/Science of Mind philosophy and others. Louise has written many books, perhaps most notably You can Heal Your Life and is an international best selling author. However it was recognised that though her books helped thousands, many required a safe and supportive environment where they could confront their issues and make their changes. Continue reading

Affirmation Cards

Take a dip into our affirmation cards, it’s free! leave it to the universe to bring you your thought. These affirmation cards contain positive thoughts and affirmations, some from Louise Hay, others by Gillian or sent in by contributors. If you have an affirmation you’d love to share,I’d love to hear it. Email me your affirmations at my contact page. Continue reading

Problem with forgiveness

Dear Gillian,

I have read the book “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay and I have been trying many of the things especially the affirmations she suggests to good effect. However, I seem to be having a real problem with forgiveness. Some members of my family have treated me so badly in the past and continue to make my life difficult even now, to forgive them feels impossible, is it really necessary? Continue reading

How do I handle my husbands arguments? …

Dear Gillian,

I am hoping you can answer this question because I am not sure what to do. In all of Louise’s books it mentions that when you get into an argument with either a spouse, friend, or co-worker you should walk out of the room and get away from the situation. Otherwise you are just taking in the argument and you end up getting sick. Well every-time I get into an argument with my husband, (which seems to be pretty much every day), I try to walk out of the room but he consistently follows me or he just continues to yell and yell. How do I handle my husbands arguments? Continue reading

Am I too sensitive? …

Dear Gillian,

If you can help me with this point I will be very thankful. I am a very sensitive, touchy person. I am now better than before. But still it is uncomfortable. I do not understand why I am this way. I do not know how to be a little stronger or maybe I should say normal. If someone hurts me I stay thinking about it for long hours and maybe days, Continue reading

I do not want surgery, is there a correlation between the fibroid growth and extended visit with my parents? …

Dear Gillian,

I’m wondering if it would be OK for me to give you a call. I’m feeling like it might help give me some of the direction I need right now.  It is strange (and frustrating) because at the same time I feel like I know what I need to do but still seem to need some guidance. I don’t want surgery. Continue reading