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Life Healing Workshop Leader Training

lh-logo-with-tmNow in it’s 6th successful year the Life Healing Workshop Leader Training is for those who feel drawn to sharing this kind of work with others whether in a formal way or just with work colleagues and friends. Everyone has their own personal gifts, skills, style and life story.  The joy is when you do work of this nature you can bring all of your experience to it.

Perhaps you may have considered being a workshop leader or speaker but felt you did not have the training or ability, found others naturally seem to turn to you in times of difficulty or are already trained as an alternative therapist and looking for some extra tools and techniques to add to your own – if so then this is for you!

The techniques you will be sharing with others are tried and tested personal awareness exercises and you will deliver them without judgement or influence.

What kind of person makes a good teacher?

A good teacher/workshop leader is someone who is honest and open, who listens and is happy to share their own experience.  It is important to have a good range of teachers as it takes all kinds of people to help all kinds of people.   No two teachers are the same, the atmosphere you create within your workshops will be unique to you and you will find that you attract people who like your particular style and personality.

In this training you will learn how to deliver the life changing workshop techniques and materials that have proven so successful and life changing to thousands of people. Our aim is making you feel comfortable, safe and confident in presenting to a group. At the end you will receive a certificate that will qualify you for insurance as a workshop leader through IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International).

In addition once trained you may attend any of my workshops, subject to space, to work alongside me as an assistant. This gives you a chance to watch and experience the process from a teacher’s perspective even before running your own.

The 7 day program includes:

  • Personal “Stuff” Clutter Clearing.  You will have personal time and attention to really clear your “stuff” if you have any left after the workshop or just move to the next level of  your growth. We want you healthy, healed and whole yourself so you will walk it and talk it.
  • Personal delivery styles and overcoming fears associated with presenting - overcoming fears that can hold those who would be fabulous teachers back from sharing their gifts and knowledge.
  • Understanding the background and techniques used in the workshops and how to deliver them. It is good to know where these techniques have come from, understanding that the philosophies that underpin this work are almost as old as man and new research now supports them in the modern age.
  • Health and safety, for the workshop leader and their group.
  • Using and creating your own materials, you might be amazed by just how creative you are, let’s not lose that let’s use it.
  • Logistics, choice of venue, marketing, pricing etc.
  • Ethical Marketing Our philosophy is that there is no competition just rich diversity and variety. However it is important for others to know about the valuable skills and work we have to share and so marketing is very important. Gillian is a highly trained business consultant with a masters’ degree in international business and has chosen to take a stand on freedom from corporate mentality, choosing a policy of honesty and openness in all things.

Please visit the Life Healing Teacher Training website for more information.



relationship with parents

Relationships – Parents

Many of us have this image of an ideal family with an abundance of love readily expressed and felt in a warm family home.  For some, this is a reality but for others the reality can be very different.

If you have an issue with either of your parents remember that they were a product of their childhood upbringing.  It is very hard to be a loving parent if you were not loved as a child or did not see love expressed within the family. Continue reading

I do not want surgery, is there a correlation between the fibroid growth and extended visit with my parents? …

Dear Gillian,

I’m wondering if it would be OK for me to give you a call. I’m feeling like it might help give me some of the direction I need right now.  It is strange (and frustrating) because at the same time I feel like I know what I need to do but still seem to need some guidance. I don’t want surgery. Continue reading

It’s so unfair what they have done to me especially my Father …

Dear Gillian,

I am 40 years old and when I was a child my mother left and my father took me to live with him and my new step mother.  She abused me mentally and verbally and could be physical. I am particularly hurt by my father who allowed her to treat me badly and just did not seem interested in me.  I have spent a lot of time in therapy dealing with all this. I still contact them but they never offer me any kindness or love.  I was wondering as time goes on with all  this stuff and I begin to like/love myself more and more if you stop wishing for what you never had? Continue reading


RelationshipsEverything we do involves relationships, work, play, love, whether with people, places or things.  Relationships are said to be mirrors of our lives and our beliefs about ourselves.  Our relationships with others are also said to be our greatest teachers but what does that mean?  In order to answer that question I will break it down into various topics below, but put simply all relationships involve You and Them. They do, say or behave one way and you respond by doing, saying or behaving another way. You react to what comes at you based on past experiences/traumas/scenarios. Your views on life and relationships are coloured by what has occurred in your own life and what you were taught or picked up from your parents/carers/siblings/peers and teachers as you grew up. So are you stuck with that? No. If you are experiencing difficult relationships you need to know that it is as much what you are giving out as what you are getting back. Once you change or release negative patterns of thought and behaviour then all your relationships change. You ca Continue reading