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I am afraid of repeating my mistakes …

Dear Gillian,

I am in the States and too far to come right now and see you, I have ordered your Heartfelt – Affirmations to release the past CD but wondered if you could give me some more advice. I am in the process of letting go of past hurts, relationships, etc. as the fear of repeating my mistakes has caused much heartache these last few weeks Continue reading

Now I know things happen for a reason …

Dear Gillian,

I just wanted to thank you for pointing me in the right direction last week, not sure if you remember me but we chatted a little last week after I ordered a CD from you.  I actually was able to contact one of the US certified Instructors you guided me to, who may run a course.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it happens sooner rather than later.  Continue reading

I just want someone to love? …

Dear Gillian,

I really want to have a loving relationship with someone.  I have had relationships in the past but they have never worked out.  It feels like I have been on my own forever.  My life feels incomplete and I feel sad when I think that I am missing out on something and that if I don’t do something about it I will always be alone. I just want someone to love. Continue reading

My friend keeps making the same mistakes, she may be an alcoholic …

Dear Gillian,

I have a friend of many years who just keeps making the same mistakes again and again.  I really care about her but I am so tired of getting the late night telephone calls, hearing about what has happened now in her relationship or just how bad everything is.  I quite often end up covering for her.  Continue reading

Girlfriend is desperate for a baby but I feel unwilling to proceed …

Dear Gillian,

I was hoping to attend your last weekend workshop with my partner, but unfortunately it clashed with other commitments.  I’ve written a very long email below – Please don’t feel you have to read it as I ‘m sure you must be busy  – It’s been useful and cathartic for me to write it just in terms of formulating my thoughts into words. Continue reading

Why are relationships so difficult? …

Dear Gillian,

why are relationships so difficult? I recently began seeing a man after about 6 months on my own.  My previous relationship ended after we moved in together, I thought it was the real deal and that we were going to get married but it just went wrong, we stopped communicating properly, he started treating me like a servant and expected me to do all the domestic stuff.  Recently this new guy started talking about us sharing somewhere and I now feel really nervous that it will end the same way.  Is it me?  Should I just leave things as they? Continue reading


RelationshipsEverything we do involves relationships, work, play, love, whether with people, places or things.  Relationships are said to be mirrors of our lives and our beliefs about ourselves.  Our relationships with others are also said to be our greatest teachers but what does that mean?  In order to answer that question I will break it down into various topics below, but put simply all relationships involve You and Them. They do, say or behave one way and you respond by doing, saying or behaving another way. You react to what comes at you based on past experiences/traumas/scenarios. Your views on life and relationships are coloured by what has occurred in your own life and what you were taught or picked up from your parents/carers/siblings/peers and teachers as you grew up. So are you stuck with that? No. If you are experiencing difficult relationships you need to know that it is as much what you are giving out as what you are getting back. Once you change or release negative patterns of thought and behaviour then all your relationships change. You ca Continue reading