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healing-hypnosisHypnosis can be a useful tool.  Many have been put off by various stage and television hypnotists that seem to take control of peoples’ minds and make them look foolish.  The interesting thing is that we have all experienced hypnosis often without realising it.  For instance when you arrive at your destination having driven a long distance but you don’t remember having driven the last 10 – 20 minutes. The same can happen whilst watching television and you kind of zone out or seem incapable of turning off the TV and going to bed.  Many have zoned out whilst standing in a queue. Continue reading

Weight Loss

weightlossEverywhere you look there are articles, adverts, products and so much more focusing on weight loss. There is a huge industry that thrives on our concerns about how we look and in some cases feed our fears relating to our bodies and our acceptability to others. I would like you to change your perspective. The more you fight your body, force it to do things that feel uncomfortable or like punishment, deprive yourself in different ways the more you will find the weight stubbornly staying put or even increasing. We all know of people (maybe us) who have done all sorts of diets and have even lost weight and yet have still replaced it the moment they have ceased the strict regime they were on. In your heart and subconscious mind you understand why that is. Continue reading