handstar I have always loved Esther Hicks idea for segment intending as a manifesting tool. It is so simple, as you go through your day break it down into segments. Let’s say you are on your way to work, that is a segment so just affirm as you start out that your journey is safe and swift.  The next segment may be once at work for the morning and you can affirm good relations with everyone and an easy enjoyable morning of efficiency. Lunch time you may affirm a relaxing and refreshing break and so on. Do this whenever your activity changes throughout the day, matching your positive thoughts to the activity you are about to undertake and you will find things really going your way.

As you do this more and more you will be buiding your affirmative muscles and you will find yourself positively affirming for more than just the segments you are in. Keep at it and soon you will notice your relationships, finances etc. have improved with little or no hard work.

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