What are You putting up with?

anger1 We tend to get bogged down and overwhelmed by things that accumulate over time – and end up cluttering our minds and leading to blocks in the body and poor health. Now is the time to identify what you’re tolerating!

Let’s identify what you are putting up with?

What to do: make a list of what you’re putting up with at work – and at home – to determine what might be cluttering your mind and slowing you down!

You may not want to do anything about them right now, but just writing them out will raise your awareness and you’ll naturally start handling, fixing and resolving them.

Examples: unfinished tasks, frustrations, problems, other people’s or your own behaviour, clutter, shoulds (if you have done the life healing workshop you will know why these are wrong), unmet needs, crossed boundaries, outdated wardrobe, unresolved issues or guilt, lack of exercise, eating habits, being indecisive, procrastinating, lack of sleep etc…

Over time and as you think of more items, add them to your list and remember to cross of ones that no longer feel relevant or that you have dealt with.