Things To Try

things to tryHere are a few things to try, different techniques you can practice at home.  Some will need only minutes others longer but all are useful and food for thought.  The most dynamic techniques need to be done in workshops or personal sessions under guidance, but here are some useful things you can do for yourself. Alternatively if you want some quick advice on a particular issue then write to Gillian through the contact page with your query or check out her problem page and what others have sought advice on.


Quick Guide to Loving Yourself  – 12 things to do to start the process of loving yourself.  Loving yourself is not egotistical or selfish it is the foundation for loving others and for living a healthy, happy life

Meditation - get the basics on this useful tool for mental and emotional health.  Simple meditation guide, online meditations and more.

Make Your Passion Work for You – No one wants a life of colour-less drudgery. Think about the things that lift your spirits, then make them happen. This one needs at least an hour and preferably more than that so set aside some time for it first.

Be generous of spirit – lift your day and that of others with this simple technique. We forget the simple things sometimes as we rush around and they are most often the things that can make the biggest difference.

A quick technique for getting rid of those bad feelings.

Basic Breathing Exercise – You can do a quick awareness exercise, here is an example of one of Michael Sky’s exercises taken from his book “Breathing” if you have a few minutes do it right now.

Angel Letters – Forgiveness of self and others is very important for your health and well-being. There are many ways of going about the process of forgiveness we do some very practical exercises on the workshops, but this is something you can try right now. By the way you do not need to believe in Angels.

Surviving Christmas – The festive season more than any other time of year can mean more stress rather than more fun.  Now is the time to use some quick stress busting tips to keep you sane and bring back the joy of Christmas.

Useful questions for change – I love simplicity and sometimes when we get all wound up with stress and worry about something that may or may not happen it can be useful to call a halt for a moment and ask the question “Is that true?”  This is a method Byron Katie likes to use.