Angel Letters

Forgiveness of self and others is very important for your health and well-being. There are many ways of going about the process of forgiveness we do some very practical exercises on the workshops, but this is something you can try right now.

Angel letters are a powerful forgiveness technique. To write an angel letter It is not necessary for you to believe in angels. Follow the instructions below.

  •     Set aside at least fifteen minutes for this at a time and place where you will not be disturbed. Get some writing paper and a pen.
  •     At the head of the paper write “An Angel letter to the higher self of………carried in love by the angels/my higher self” (filling in the name of the person you wish to forgive or have forgive you).
  •     Start your letter “Dear…..” then follow with a paragraph or more, put here all your feelings and experiences which have caused dis-ease between you, be direct and honest.
  •     Next follow with a paragraph or more about the good things that have happened between you, or details of what you have learned from the difficult experiences (there is always something good that comes out of any situation). You can also add here the way you would like things to be between you (only positive loving thoughts please).
  •     Finish with this: “I bless you and release you to your highest good. The spirit in me forgives you for all the anger and sorrow that has been between us. The spirit in you forgives me for all the anger and sorrow that has been between us, now and forever. In the spirit of love, signed………..”.  This letter is now carried to its destination by the angels/my higher self for the good of all concerned.
  •     Now fold the angel letter, address it to the person or situation concerned and place it in a special place (where no one else will read it) for up to 48 hours. You will know when it has been sent. Then burn it or throw it away.

Give it a try!