Questions for change

I love simplicity and sometimes when we get all wound up with stress and worry about something that may or may not happen it can be useful to call a halt for a moment and ask the question “Is that true?”  This is a method Byron Katie likes to use, she follows through with :

• Is it true?.
• Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
• How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
• Who would you be without the thought?

You may be surprised at how often if you ask yourself these useful questions for change the answer to the first one is “no”.  Many of the stresses and worries we have are created from our own internal view of the world, our fears and past experiences.  From a young age we are programmed to learn by experience quickly so that if we touch something hot we remember (seared into our brain/memory) so that we don’t do it again.  That is great because it keeps us safe as we grow into adulthood.  However, there are many things and circumstances that are not served by this learning method.  For example you may go into a baker shop as a child and someone is very rude to you and you feel frightened.  As a result you get scared just passing a baker shop let alone going inside.    So when the fear comes up that it is unsafe to go into the bakers you would say “Is that true?” and then challenge that thought and ultimately the belief underpinning it.

It would be lovely if that simple method would clear everything quickly.  Unfortunately seriously deep seated fears and events/traumas in our past, sitting in our unconscious mind don’t want to give up too easily as a part of you believes they are necessary to your survival.  That is why we spend the two days in the Life Healing Workshop gently encouraging the sub or unconscious mind to give these things up by allowing a revision of events from a different perspective with safety in mind.  We are the most amazing and complex beings, in order to change force is not necessary but guidance to get there often is.