Whilst we are all individuals and have specific issues, events, traumas or experiences in our lives that are very personal, there are certain topics that affect us all. Here are the most requested topics, I cover all of these in my two day workshops much more fully.  However, if you have a specific question then feel free to email me.


shutterstock_64018174Our emotional, spiritual and physical health are all interlinked.  What we believe about ourselves can greatly undermine our health. Research now supports this, one study found that unconsciously being defensive or stifling feelings resulted in serious medical consequences, such as high blood pressure. Understanding and utilising the mind body link is fundamental to the process we use in Life Healing.


RelationshipsEverything we do involves relationships, work, play, love, whether with people, places or things.  Relationships are said to be mirrors of our lives and our beliefs about ourselves.  Our relationships with others are also said to be our greatest teachers but what does that mean?

Work and Career

Work and Career

Are you happy at work?

For many work is not doing something they love infact sometimes it has become something they hate.  So what to do about it?  Sometimes a simple change in our perspective can open us up to new opportunities.


weight lossEverywhere you look there are articles, adverts, products and so much more focusing on weight. There is a huge industry that thrives on our concerns about how we look and feeds our fear relating to our acceptability to others.  If you have found the more you fight your body, force it to do things that feel  like punishment, deprive yourself in different ways, the more the weight stubbornly stays put or even increases – then this might interest you.


Grief UpsetGrief is a very personal thing, in my experience no two people grieve in the same way although there may be similarities.  Those who specialise in grief counseling will tell you that it goes through specific phases – denial, anger, sadness, bargaining and acceptance.  I have never liked any sort of prescriptive statement of an emotional process like this.  Whenever people encounter it whilst grieving they invariably try to work out what part of the process they are in and if they fit the norm. If you are grieving or worried because you are not and think you should be then this is for you.


MeditationThere are many ways of meditating, everyone can do it and there is no right or wrong way. Whilst many think it is a mystical process, something for Monks and mystics to do – it is a powerful tool in the process of change and anyone can do it.  Like anything if you cultivate it as a habit for even just 10 minutes a day you will be well rewarded.  So how do you get started?

Life Purpose

Life PurposeDo you know what your life purpose is?   Some people seem to clearly know from a young age that they wish to entertain, create, develop all sorts of wonderous things.  They feel a drive within and they are on a path if not a mission.  The majority of people are unclear about what their mission or Life Purpose may be.  You may be one of these people, if so do not be concerned as to whether you are somehow failing because you are not.  The process of Life Healing often uncovers an individuals gifts and passions.