Life Purpose

Life PurposeDo you know what your life purpose is?   Some people seem to clearly know from a young age that they wish to entertain, create, develop all sorts of wonderous things.  They feel a drive within and they are on a path if not a mission.  The majority of people are unclear about what their mission or Life Purpose may be.  You may be one of these people, if so do not be concerned as to whether you are somehow failing because you are not.

Many people overly identify with their career as their life purpose when the two are not the same although it may be that you are able to fulfil your life’s purpose through your work.

Clearly if someone wishes to be a scientist and create a cure or something of benefit to mankind and delights in all things science then taking maths and sciences and excelling at these at school and higher education is the natural path to take, the route is laid out for them if you like.

However, if you wish to be a force for good in the world, to assist others, to bridge gaps or cultures, do something magical, write a book etc. then the path may seem less obvious.  Dreams and intentions are important here.  If you have determined that for instance you want to write a book that changes lives, although being able to write well (spelling, language, flow etc.) would be very beneficial that will not provide content.  Living and experiencing and then sharing will do that.  Most successful writers will tell you to start by writing about what you know and have experienced first hand.  So whatever path you may have taken, no matter how many jobs, relationships, travels or hardships you have had, all will provide materials for your book and if it changes one persons life for the better how wonderful is that.

Whatever roads you have traveled have brought you here, you have survived, you have learned and you have grown and each twist and turn has been a stepping stone.  Many look back shaking their heads at supposed wrong turns they took only to discover down the road that without the turn certain opportunities would have been missed. It seems that life provides us with experiences that help us to develop.

However, if you hate your current situation, feel sad and disconnected then it may be that you are not living your Life Purpose and you inherently know this at a subconscious level.  If this is the case then you need to work back to where you first felt this feeling that will assist you to understand why or how you got lost.

Sometimes we make choices in life based on what others want or what we feel they want us to do.  Most often this is due to parental pressure either direct or implied.  sadly, I have come across many people who from a young age have been living their lives according to what their family feels or infers is appropriate whilst they themselves have remained desperately unhappy and unfulfilled.  Let this go on over many years and you start to lose touch with what you really want for yourself.  It can result in losing yourself and loss of personal power.  Life ultimately loses the joy and there comes a time when the feeling of what’s the point takes over.  If you have reached a point like that then know that this is your inner self pushing you to change what has been going on.

As you know I am a quick change expert and have assisted countless individuals with this issue to find a renewed passion for life.  Stop and take stock, don’t give up on your dreams, remember what used to make your heart sing when you were younger.  If you can’t remember then use each day to experiment, try different things, new things (foods, activities, people, clothes) and find out what YOU love and where your passion lies.