Where Were You When I needed You Dad?

We most often talk about our mothers when we discuss our childhood but fathers get left outside of the conversation with short comments like…”he was not around much when I grew up”…”he left before/just after I was born”.  Even if they were around they are quite often viewed or experienced as emotionally distant.

It is really interesting that even if they did not feature much in the parenting role their approval is sought and a longing felt for their presence or attention.  Even when someone has been abused there is a wound that never seems to heal over the father not protecting or caring for them.

It makes no difference if you are male or female the need is the same.  Longing for something that never was and never will be is so debilitating and brings great sadness even depression. If you are experiencing this don’t put up with it any longer, you can change this.  Consider coming on a workshop to get this issue resolved.

Grief When Parents Die (becoming an adult orphan) can throw up all sorts of issues and emotions take a look here for more on this.

Letter re: Father

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