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Unsure what to do about work?

You have probably heard the saying “do what you love and the money will follow” or something similar.  For many work is not doing something they love sometimes it has become something they hate.  But we always have choice.  Did that statement annoy you?  Choice?  Perhaps you may be thinking “Really, I have bills to pay a family to raise, there are no other jobs I have no choice!”

The truth is we always have choice, we may feel like we are stuck but there are always options (yes, sometimes those options do not seem like a working proposition but they are there).  If you have come across the law of attraction you will know that if you hate your job then nothing good will come of it.  Put simply the law of attraction is – what you give out you get back.

If you are unhappy at work then just for a week try being grateful and appreciating your job.  try to find the joy in it no matter how difficult that may be.  Stop now and write five good things about your job that you are grateful for. Hint – I get paid money that allows me to pay for things I need,  I have met some interesting people through this job.  I have learned …. and so on.  Practice looking for the good in your job every day if only for a week and test out what happens.

If you don’t know what work would make you happy then consider the following:

Suspend belief for a moment.

What if I said to you that your only job is to be happy?

If that was your job, just making yourself happy and enjoying everyday and you knew you would be paid for that, how would you start your day tomorrow morning? How would you feel when you woke up and what would you plan for yourself? Just imagine for a moment.

If nothing is coming to you then you are very out of touch with what brings you joy, if a long list of things to do comes then that is great, do you do these things regularly even in some small way?

List all those things you would like to do and then see the overall picture of what makes you happy.  Is it meeting interesting people, going out and about, dressing a particular way?  Use these things as clues to the kind of work that you would love to do.

Try not to limit your thinking.  I am amazed at some of the careers people have created by doing what they love.  I came across a highly successful British man who having moved to the US decided to supply fully grown trees for rent.  He loved trees and being outdoors, he also spotted the need for fully grown trees for parties, the film industry, events and so on.  That would never have occurred to me and you won’t see it listed in any career or business advice guides, but was perfect for him.  He came to that from a place of doing something that fits with his personal interests and passion and creating something from that.

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