Does your clutter say more about you than you realise?

clutterThe location of your clutter can give clues as to the state of your mental, physical and emotional health.


Clutter in the bedroom indicates an unwillingness to deal with personal relationship issues,

Clutter in the bathroom relates to your physical health.

Clutter in the living room means a feeling of stagnation in your social life.

Clutter clogging corridors and doorways means a lack of flow in particular with regards to money.

Clutter in the kitchen is to do with self care and nourishment on a physical and emotional level.

No matter what the meaning, anytime you clear clutter in your living space it assists your mental and emotional clearing.  It helps if you do small batches at a time (e.g a drawer or corner of a room) and as you do it affirm to yourself that you are clearing your inner and outer world.

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