Feeling overwhelmed? 3 ways to deal with it.

Grief UpsetWe all experience challenging times in our lives. Sometimes when bad things happen it can be hard to carry on. There are obvious times when emotional overwhelm can occur like the loss of a loved one, relationship break-up, loss of job or threat of redundancy. These are times when most people can appreciate you may be going through a difficult time. However, there are times when to the outside world things look good, at such times when your inner reality does not match outer appearances the whole situation can seem worse. An example of such a time is becoming a mother. At a time when everyone is thinking about the joy of bringing a new life into the world and all the possible warm fuzzies that go with it, the Mother can be experiencing fear, a sense of enormous responsibilty or no feeling – a kind of numbness. When family are celebrating it makes it even harder for the Mother (or Father) to express how they feel and the mismatch can be alienating and cause considerable stress.

Overwhelm comes from a sense of no control over what is happening, no clear way to be free of it and a general sense of hopelessness.

3 things you can do about feeling overwhelmed now

1.    Book an appointment with your Doctor to check there is no underlying health condition on the go and to start a process of referral for counseling services or a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.  A visit to the Doctor may also result in them prescribing various anti depressants and other drugs.  It is worth remembering that use of such drugs can present problems of their own.

2.   Call a confidential helpline such as the Samaritans.  These can provide a great source of comfort in the short term as you can confidentially voice your feelings to another person without risk of judgement.  The Samaritans are available 24/7 which is great as often the darkest hour really is literally just before dawn.

3.  Write down exactly how you feel and what has been going on.  Just download it all onto paper without censure, you can burn it or throw it away when your done if you wish.  Start to do  a bit of detective work, sit quietly and ask yourself a couple of questions don’t agonise over the answers be gentle with yourself:

  • When did this start?
  • What was going on at the time?
  • Can you remember something similar happening before?
  • What does this remind you of?

Ultimately you need to deal with the underlying issues.  What you are experiencing are symptoms of a deeper problem.  Things, events and people in our lives can push our buttons and spark off a chain reaction the origins of which may well have come from a long forgotten small or large event in childhood.

So is long term therapy of one kind or another necessary when feeling overwhelmed?

Not necessarily. In the short term talking over your issues with an unbiased counsellor or therapist can be useful in clarifying your thoughts and situation.  However, in the long term talking therapies where you keep going over past events are not useful and can keep you stuck in the past and possibly in victim mode.

A Change in Perspective can change everything quickly.

Have you ever said  “I never thought of it that way” as suddenly someone explains something to you or you get shown something different?  That is when you change your perspective, like looking at a scene from a different angle and you get to see something that you could not see from the other position.

In the same way sometimes short sharp interventions can assist in breaking free from a negative cycle allowing the individual to take back control and feel empowered.  The principles and techniques incorporated in Life Healing seek to do just that.  In a Life Healing Workshop individuals can change their perspective within two days.  That can bring much needed relief and as change is actually experienced a new sense of being in control  builds on the success bringing positive thoughts and feelings back on line.

The important thing to remember if you are feeling overwhelmed is that you do not need to stay stuck in that place, you are not alone and it can all change for the good.  At such a time any kind of positive action you take to improve your situation will assist you to feel better, don’t suffer in silence.